Raising The Bar

Our product features

We connect your people, deliver concise analytics and in-depth insight to enable real-time decision making, accuracy and cost saving.

Event day management

Pre-populated templates to build and manage your events more efficiently than ever before.

Assign suppliers to work in seconds, auto-confirm and fill your internal jobs. Simple and powerful search across the system.

Event day management has never been so slick!

Job Fulfilment

Allocate workers across your company at multiple sites using our sharing functionality. Achieve real on-the-job consistency through predictive learning on your worker’s preferences. Use our staff swapping feature to rapidly deal with staff shortages and changes on event day.


Strengthen communication with your team and your suppliers by deploying our client and staff iOS and Android apps.

The Gameplan system allows you to communicate instantly and simultaneously with 1 or 100s of suppliers and thousands of workers. Pop-up notifications so that you never miss a conversation.

Better manage inquiries and review and complete worklists to ensure you are always on top of event day discrepancies.

Access Control & Security

Live access control lists help security to ensure the right workers are cleared for attendance quickly and safely. Instant updates mean that everyone onsite can always be accounted for.

Reduce transit time into your event venue. End those long queues. No paperwork, no information lags, no job cards needed.

Time & Attendance

Empower your managers to handle staff check-in effectively using leading mobile technology. Save your team thousands of hours with real-time, digital timesheeting and our paperless system.

All critical actions on the platform are time-stamped, meaning time theft and many other risks are mitigated.

Improve attendance and reduce staff churn with robust workforce engagement through our dedicated worker app.


Better predict your ongoing supplier requirements using the comprehensive suite of behavioural data provided on Gameplan.

Forecast your future needs, analyse trends in your delivery and make informed decisions around how you balance the needs of your organisation. Powerful data at your fingertips.


Gameplan is built using the best modern web and mobile technology. The platform runs on React Native with Javascript and storage is all managed in the cloud environment.

Easily integrate with your preferred applicant tracking, security and payroll providers by using straightforward data importing and exporting. Improve everything from access control to payroll.


Migrate effortlessly from your current system today.

There is no training required and you can be operating the product within hours. We provide unlimited telephone and online support which is 100% FREE should you need our help.

Advanced Solutions

At Gameplan, we believe that our management solutions can help you and your team to run your business better.

Our platform is fast, reliable and powerful and it removes thousands of hours of the administrative burden from the user. It is highly cost-effective and our technology helps our clients to cut bottom line costs substantially.

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