Case Study: Kimpton’s Winter Wedding Soiree

If you are familiar at all with London, then you will know about the luxury that is the Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel. With 19-century beauty that meets modern London, this gorgeous hotel takes up the whole block along the eastern side of Russell Square in Bloomsbury. This landmark hotel holds events from elegant cocktail receptions to out of this world weddings that exceed any couples dream.

With a ballroom that can hold up to 250 guests for a full sit-down evening, the Kimpton Fitzroy London, or KFL,  has a full program of weddings booked for 2020. The staff of the KFL focus on offering the best guest experience, so every year they host a Wedding Soiree, or showcase if you will, for potential and current clients to experience what their wedding could entail at the Kimpton Fitzroy London. 

From balloon walls and Champagne towers to an 18-piece band and pillars made out of real flowers, the reception rooms of KFL looked heavenly. This wedding showcase offers brides and grooms to be a sneak peek into the KFL’s remarkable customer service.

In order to give guests the best experience possible, staff need to go above and beyond. This is a ‘trial run’ of how the day could actually go so having all the staff on time and where they need to be is very important in order to showcase KFL’s worth. 

This event, like many held at the KFL, uses a combination of internal staffing and external suppliers to help the evening run smoothly. Overall 200 people will be in attendance this evening for canapes, beverages and wedding galore. Thomas Wiggett, Banqueting Operations Manager at the Kimpton Fitzroy London, recalls it being all hands on deck when the event begins, ensuring that no-one, especially agency staff, gets lost in the rush. 

As with most events, the Banqueting Event Order or (BEO) is the ‘bible’ of any event. These sheets hold all the important information from the timeline, beverage & food requirements, staff schedules and more.

“The Gameplan system and its mobile app have transformed our paper sheet work into a real-time, universally attainable platform that any manager or staff member can refer to at any time.” 

With so many moving parts and a team of 25+ agency staff, the usual event rush ensued just thirty minutes before the start of the event. With all the managers on the floor, the vendors all arriving at once and the last-minute staff drop-outs, communication was key to keeping the evening on track.

“Being able to see who was here, move them to another area that had a more pressing need, and communicate with other managers in a matter of seconds ensured the night ran smoothly.”

Brigetta, the area manager commented.

“I could see where we needed backup right from my phone and made an executive decision on how to accommodate. This allowed me to predict our problems areas and fix them before anything could go wrong.”

Tom, as well as his three on-floor managers, used Gameplan to more effectively plan, execute and predict staff management for their line-up of high-profile events.  After the evening commenced, the timesheets were exported from the system, queries were resolved and the team easily closed out a successful wedding showcase. The team saves hours of admin, helping them effectively continue the ever-constant event program that is the Kimpton Fitzroy London way of life. Gameplan in the back pocket and perfection in the front. 

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Learn more about Gameplan and how we can help your business.