What is Integrated Workforce Management Software?

Integrated Workforce Management

The modern workforce, particularly in the hospitality and events industry, is a demanding and fluid entity. Integrated workforce management software facilitates the efficient handling of such a labour force.

But what, exactly, is this type of software?  

Integrated workforce management software is a fully compliant, cross-device platform that enables organizations to interactively communicate with and manage their entire workforce from a single location. The software is designed to provide insight into real-time operational metrics and enable managers, staff and staff suppliers to update the system from their web browser or mobile devices so that the status and requirements of any event at any location are kept current with real-time information.

The software helps organizations substantially cut their bottom-line costs by reducing time theft, streamlining the communications and staff sourcing process, and eliminating cumbersome paperwork and traditional data handling.

Integrated workforce management software offers facility managers and organizations an opportunity to streamline the entire staffing process, from procurement to onboarding, management, coordination, communication and payment.  

Here, Gameplan discusses integrated workforce management software as a necessity in the modern hospitality and events working environment.

  1. What are the demands of the modern staffing environment?
  2. How can facility managers handle these complex demands?

What are the Demands of the Modern Staffing Environment? 

The modern hospitality staffing environment requires trained staff on-demand, so organizers can handle seasonal fluctuations in client volume and events of different sizes. 

When planning an event that will cater to hundreds, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of customers, facility management organizations also must consider staff for a multitude of different roles.  

In the modern staffing environment, workers of any organization, at any event are; 

  • Location-independent
  • Asynchronous
  • Internal and external employees
  • Employed on a contingent basis

Workers may be used in roles such as; 

  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Security
  • Front of house
  • Back of house
  • Cleaning

Staff suppliers, or staffing agencies, provide facility managers with staff on these grounds. While this brings great flexibility in terms of staffing and offers facility managers a deep talent pool from which to source staff, it also presents numerous logistical obstacles.

How can facility managers handle these complex demands?

Integrated workforce management software like Gameplan is designed to streamline the handling of the modern hospitality workforce. 

Operators can use integrated workforce management software to engage with and handle multiple suppliers and mass-manage staff over numerous locations, on an hour-to-hour, shift-to-shift basis. Key features of Gameplan’s software include;

  • Procuring staff by coordinating with various suppliers
    • Vacancies
    • Job specs
    • Staff requirements

  • Real-time mass staff management of different types of workers
    • Onboarding
    • Scheduling
    • Communication
    • Payment 

  • Payroll integrations
    • Agency payment and invoicing
    • Staff wages and payslips 


One of the most significant issues facing organizations handling a workforce of this nature is obtaining real-time operational metrics of how many staff are required, and where they need to be allocated. 

Once a staff vacancy has been filled, all suppliers need to be notified of the updated staffing requirements. 

Traditionally, this process of finding staff and updating staff requirements has involved constant back-and-forth emailing and phone calls between operators, staff suppliers and applicants – a convoluted process and inefficient use of valuable time. 

With Gameplan’s integrated workforce management software, real-time staffing requirements are visible for all parties to see.

When an agency supplies staff for a particular role or event, real-time data shows the current staffing requirements according to the staff procurement process.    

Worker types and staff retention

Due to the high number of positions that are short-term, have unpredictable amounts of pay, minimal benefits and unsociable working hours, staff turn-over in the UK hospitality industry is currently at an all-time high of 30%

This figure is double the national average, and 55% of people who have worked in the industry say that more control over shift patterns would encourage them to keep working in hospitality. 

Because of this, more and more people in the hospitality industry are choosing to work on a gig basis. This is facilitated by integrated workforce management software, enabling employee-employer working agreements where there is no minimum working hours offered, but that there is also no obligation to accept any work. 

Some staff will be employed on a part-time basis, others internally employed on a full-time basis, or perhaps a temporary contract – each with their different employment benefits that must be factored into paychecks and working hours. 

The roles of each staff member will differ, and facility managers require an efficient mode of communicating their needs with the different levels of staff, staff from different agencies, at different times, at various venues. 

By facilitating the gig economy in the hospitality industry, integrated workforce management software aims to reduce staff turnover and address staff supply problems in the industry. 

Coordinating staff

Once the workforce has been formed, they require scheduling and coordinating. 

Instead of communicating with each involved party individually, integrated workforce management software provides a single destination for all concerned parties – suppliers, managers, organizers, and workers – to discuss details of the job

Each individual is assigned their own profile, and all necessary information about the work to be performed can be conveyed through the software – from shift responsibilities to job locations, start and finish times, and any unique information such as guest requirements and uniform specifications. 

Time and work recording

Keeping track of who has worked how many hours is no longer a tedious process of paper timesheets and manager signatures. 

With integrated workforce management software, staff absences, extra shifts, shift swaps, check-in, and check-out times are quickly recorded and tracked so facility managers know precisely how many hours each worker has worked. 

Having access to this type of reliable data significantly reduces time theft and boosts organizational profit. 

Employee engagement 

Providing feedback to employees, and ensuring employees have their voices heard, is a critical aspect of boosting and maintaining staff productivity. 

In the past, weekly meetings between managers and employees may not have provided adequate time or opportunity for employee engagement. 

Studies consistently show that employees who feel listened to and appreciated – those with high levels of employee engagement – are more productive and stay with the organization, which directly impacts profitability. 

With Gameplans’ software, workers and management are in constant communication over the app which is installed on personal devices, and there is no need for a lapse in communication between managers and employees. 

With integrated workforce management software, managers can communicate privately or publicly with employees to make sure their efforts feel appreciated, and any issues that staff need to voice to not go unheard.  

Payroll integrations 

As all operational data metrics are kept in a single location, invoicing for work procured and performed is a streamlined process with integrated workforce management software. 

The precise amount of work provided by each supplying agency is accurately recorded, just as is the number of hours worked by each individual employee. 

Invoices and payslips can be generated immediately and sent to their respective owners. There is no need for printing, gathering staff to hand out payslips or be concerned with clients receiving invoices or not.

Moreover, staff hours are tracked down to the minute, meaning any contractual limitations can be taken into account and be efficiently monitored. This avoids potential issues with workers who might be obliged to work under a certain amount of hours, and ensures there is always enough staff to properly fill the role. 

In the face of complex staffing demands of the modern work environment, Gameplans’ integrated workforce management software encompasses every facet of running large events or big operations on a daily basis. 

It empowers managers to seamlessly procure, manage, coordinate, and pay everyone involved in the successful running of an event. 

What’s more, templates of each event run can be saved in the system to streamline the process for later events further and save more amounts of time. If you want to save money, time, and run your hospitality event smoothly, then request a demonstration of our integrated workforce management software today to join the growing ranks of facility managers realising the future of workforce management, with Gameplan.

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