How to prepare for industry bounce back?

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In the midst of the current economic and personal hardship,  there is no doubt that the events and hospitality industry has the determination to bounce back stronger than ever. Although the current situation may be grim, let’s hope that it will not be for the long term. Remember all those projects you just never got around to doing? Well, the time is now! Here at Gameplan, we have taken a long, hard look at our internal processes and have come up with a plan moving forward. 

Here are some of the things we have reviewed at Gameplan to prepare for the industry to bounce back.

Review existing processes

To help your business prosper in the long run, take control of this time and take an in-depth look at what processes are working and what are not, Behind every successful business is a smooth set of internal processes running like a well-oiled machine. With a halt in business as usual, this is an excellent time to revise and reset.

Review Input vs Output

Gather financial and operational reports for the past year (or even the past couple of years). Break these down into historical patterns and future actions and steps. From here you can determine if and where things can be improved.

Identifying trends will help you better understand the optimal point at which your company can operate. 

Create Case-Studies

Case-studies take time and research that you may not have had the bandwidth to do before. Reflect on your best days, events, or clients. Analyze the numbers and reach out to anyone that was involved. A case-study should show off how your company has solved a problem or added value. Include impressive data or client testimonials to establish trust and add that extra wow factor. 

Send out your case study in a newsletter, write it as a blog, or simply share it on your social media page. Documenting your achievements is a great way to engage your staff, clients, and stakeholders.

Review Onboarding Processes

Onboarding has notoriously been a long and expensive process. Are there ways you can cut costs and time? Focus on what platforms you are using to recruit and onboard your new employees.

Having a smooth onboarding process will not only help your business run more efficiently but will help encourage your new employees to hit the ground running. A good onboarding experience drives better engagement and retention in employees and clients. It will also help your employees understand your expectations and the processes they should adhere to. 

Employee Feedback & Engagement

While reviewing the internal processes that help your business run, it is an excellent time to chat with the people who run it. Schedule time to meet with all of your staff to gather feedback, or simply send out a survey. This can be easy as a 15-minute phone call, which may also help your employees to feel heard and appreciated. Alternatively, you can send a form via email.

Here are some sites that we have used in the past:


Google Forms

Survey Monkey

Allowing your employees to provide feedback encourages them to take a bigger responsibility in the company. Who knows? You might even find out something that you had no idea about. 

Look to the Future

While we don’t exactly know when things will be ‘back to normal’ we can take refuge in that we are all in this together. Think of this slow time as an investment in your company’s future and get working on the things that you never had time for before. You will feel productive and give your organization a head start when the world gets back to business. 

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Learn more about Gameplan and how we can help your business.