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Feature: Staffing Agency Integration

Staffing agencies have been trusted partners to work alongside your organization to achieve a consistent flow of on-demand staff to …

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Contingent Workforce Key Trend

Contingent Workforces and Why It Could Become a Key Trend Post Pandemic

Companies around the world are feeling various effects of the virus when it comes to managing their workforces. With there …

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Multiple staffing agencies
Industry InsightsNews

The challenge of managing multiple staffing agencies

Staffing agencies are trusted to work alongside your organization to achieve a consistent flow of on-demand staff to help when …

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New Feature: Multi-view event/rota

Managing workforces in hospitality isn’t black or white. It’s jumping between daily business and special events. At the same time. We …

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Cover industry bounce back
Industry InsightsNews

How to prepare for industry bounce back?

In the midst of the current economic and personal hardship,  there is no doubt that the events and hospitality industry …

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How COVID-19 is affecting the hospitality and event-space

With over 124,000 cases confirmed globally, and 4,608 deaths, the COVID-19 coronavirus is now officially a global pandemic, according to …

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Industry InsightsNews

How to mitigate the impact of Brexit on the UK’s hospitality industry?

Changes to the UK immigration system mean that as of January 31st 2021, any low-skilled, non-UK worker earning less than …

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Integrated Workforce Management
Industry InsightsProduct

What is Integrated Workforce Management Software?

The modern workforce, particularly in the hospitality and events industry, is a demanding and fluid entity. Integrated workforce management software …

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Case StudiesHotels

Case Study: Kimpton’s Winter Wedding Soiree

If you are familiar at all with London, then you will know about the luxury that is the Kimpton Fitzroy …

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