Are you a staffing agency?

At Gameplan, we’ve created a platform to help companies, agencies and workers collaborate better together.
Our clients are always searching for new agencies to work with. As a Gameplan approved agency, you’ll benefit by being discovered more often and have the opportunity to win business.

Your account allows you to receive instant bookings and manage them within a private portal. No sensitive data needs to be shared and we’re fully GDPR compliant.

Staffing Agency

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The Benefits

Agency Agnostic

We don't dictate who you work with. Clients do. We are not a marketplace that forces you to bid for work. That means 100% visibility and no preferred agencies.


No more lost time-sheets, underpayments and disagreements. Our centralised platform gives everyone a single point of reference and complete real-time accuracy.


No more admin burden and never-ending queries. The system timestamps, dates and allocates a user against every significant action, making finalising jobs easier.

Get Discovered​

Clients will find you directly through the platform. You'll receive bookings and all you need to do is a fantastic job for them!​

No Fees

There is no catch, just deliver outstanding service to our clients and they'll keep sending work your way. Simple!

GDPR Compliant

No sensitive data needs to be shared with us or anyone else, meaning no risk to your business or your workforce.​

How It Works

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Client Booking Request

When a client assigns shifts to your agency, you will receive a booking request email with the complete details of their staffing requirements.

Step 1: Client Booking Request
Step 2: Upload Your Staff


Upload your staff

Once you’ve finalised your team simply upload them into your Gameplan account. You can do this either in bulk using our CSV template or individually. We just need the basics (nothing that would compromise your agency).


Book them onto shifts

You will now be able to review the shifts our client has assigned to you. Open each shift and book your team.

You’ll see your fulfilment levels increase as you place each worker. It’s easy to make changes if you need to. 

Step 3: Book Them Onto Shifts
Step 4: Review Timesheets


Review Timesheets

Timesheets will be completed live during the booking either by the client or by your team. All you need to do is review them. If everything looks good…Great! You’re done! And it’s time to get paid. If you have any questions, it’s simple to raise a timesheet query on Gameplan.

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