Integrated Workforce Management System

Designed to connect and empower your business

Gameplan makes it simple for you to manage, schedule, time track and communicate with workforces. We are a solution for any company that employs a large number of workers and outsources to multiple suppliers.

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Bridge The Gap

One connected, central platform

We enable businesses to seamlessly coordinate their employed and contracted staff alongside multiple suppliers, all from one central platform.

Gameplan Event Management

Easy onboarding
and compliance

Seamlessly onboard your existing workforce onto Gameplan with our bulk staff upload feature. Create comprehensive worker profiles and store important documents.

Reduce business risk with automated notifications for all compliance related matters. Easily manage absence and holiday requests.

Build a pool of your favourite suppliers and get ready to offer them shifts when you need a little extra help!

Powerful software that
saves you time

Once you’ve designed, populated and delivered a perfect event, you can save it as template for the future.

Advanced analytics,
simple to understand

Boost your business performance by making smart, data-driven decisions based on comprehensible analytics. A personalised dashboard lets you quickly visualise the metrics most important to you, so you can identify patterns and forecast future requirements more effectively.

Manage large, complex
events with Gameplan

We connect your people, deliver concise analytics and in-depth insight to enable real-time decision making, accuracy and cost saving.

Mass Staff Management

We mobilise high volumes of internal and external staff with just a few clicks. We drive fulfilment, we drive revenue.


We empower users to manage very large operations in real time. Thousands of individual challenges solved with instant data and powerful technology.

Multi-Supplier Management

We manage relationships with multiple suppliers across verticals on one centralised platform.

One Solution For Any Team

Industries we work with

The Gameplan platform can be deployed across any of the verticals within integrated and outsourced Facilities Management.

Property Management

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