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Gameplan helps you to

Manage your internal and casual workforces alongside agencies.

Our workforce management software connects your managers, staffing agencies and workers on one centralised platform.
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The GIG economy is booming! Modern businesses must deploy best-in-class technology solutions to ensure they keep pace. Gameplan is a fully integrated, end-to-end, workforce management system.

Workforce Management

Shift Planner

Agency Integration

Venue Management


Access Control

Time & Attendance

Query Management

Reporting & Analytics

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Workforce Management

Coordinate internal & external workforces – across a single site or multiple sites – large or small. Manage a few or a few thousand workers easily.
Staff Onboarding
Platform Utilisation


Manage employee HR data including work status, payroll and document storage


Onboard workers individually or as a group, tag them by skillset

Book & Deploy

Book and deploy to your team and to your agencies


Organise and deliver your training programs online

Shift Planner

Select between different shift planning views – Build rotas and schedules for smaller sites or use our event planner option for big jobs that require mobilising large groups of workers.
Eventbuilder Gameplan
Manage Roles and rates

Shift Planning

Create and duplicate rotas or events

Staff Fulfilment

Live view of staff fulfilment levels


Fully automated booking functionality

Agency Integration

Manage bookings with multiple agencies on one centralised platform. Source workers from your preferred staffing agencies and discover new agencies vetted on the Gameplan platform.

Agency Profiles
Agency Selection
Agency Performance Analytics


Create and manage agency profiles


Invite your preferred agencies to fulfill your shifts

Performance Analytics

Analyse the performance of your agencies

Venue Management

Set up your unique venue or specific site requirements. Add a super user and a hierarchy of employee permission levels giving oversight across the business. Control everything from break duration to query deadlines.
Site Management
Venue Team

Work Locations

Design work locations across your company

Site Management

Create single sites or build a multi-site portfolio

Onsite Management

Share roles and rates and uniform standards


Add permissions for internal teams

Mobile & Employee Self-Service

Empower your internal casual team and your managers with our client mobile applications. Engage better with your preferred agencies and make live changes in seconds.

Staff search and
for shifts

Algorithms driving
workforce consistency

Instant notifications for all actions

Manager customisable apps and live changes

Access Control

Access Control

Improve site level security with our live access control staff lists. Instantly update lists to ensure 100% visibility of onsite personnel.

Updated in real-time for agency and internal changes

Improve site security
and worker accountability

Live, searchable
security lists

Time & Attendance

End inaccuracy and time theft with our mobile-enabled time and attendance functionality. Rapid check in and out, re-deployment of workers and over-riding errors. Timestamps on all critical actions.

check in and out 

Timestamped, dated and user recorded on all change

Relocate workers quickly
between areas

Deliver 100% accuracy
across the workforce

Query Management

Query Management

Lock down employee and agency queries and funnel them through a single source of reference. Easily pop-up shift evidence to support responses to queries.

Desktop & Mobile
Query management direct via mobile devices

Worklists to streamline
incoming queries

Pop-up history to
access shift evidence

Reporting & Analytics

Concise reporting and focused analytics for forecasting and comparison. In-context insights into your business at granular level to drive better decision making in your business.

Forecast versus
actual reporting

Consistency and
labour cost reporting

Agency spend and
job level break downs

Exportable to CSV
for payroll

Reporting and Analytics

Your Benefits

Work Faster

Reduce admin burden, automate workflows and drive consistency.

Eliminate Risk

Minimize compliance errors and create a digital trail.

Reduce Cost

Improve accuracy, end time theft and overpayment while boosting retention rates.

Save Time

Reduce manual processes and paperwork, streamline query management.

Communicate Better

Simplify communications with all users and respond rapidly to change.

Engage with Workers

Increase employee engagement and workplace productivity, drive business growth.

One Solution For Any Team

Industries we work with

Our workforce management software can be used by any organisation that needs to better coordinate their internal and external casual staffing resources. In particular, we focus on sectors that have high volumes of service support work.

Facility Management

Whether it is cleaning, security, logistics or more - we have got you covered. Onboard, manage and communicate with service support workers across industries from Government contracts to education.

Sports & Entertainment

We are big sports and music fans! Gameplan is built specifically to deliver a solution to live events at scale. When you need to mobilise a large workforce in limited time, turn to Gameplan.

Events & Conferences

Event-led at heart - our platform allows you to schedule a whole venue at once. We offer a solution if you have to deal with constantly changing locations or events that run across various days.

Hotels & Restaurants

Easily manage a variety of shifts with internal and agency workforces. For co-coordinating everyday hotel business, restaurant service & busy event days.


Integrate with the tools you already use.

We are working on new integrations every day, so feel free to get in touch if you need a specific solution.

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Let's Talk

Learn more about Gameplan and how we can help your business.